When To Seek An Emergency Dentist In Miami

When you have a toothache you may just pop an over the counter pain killer and go about your business. However there are times when a toothache requires emergency dental care. When you experience a toothache that lasts longer than two days, is severely painful or is accompanied by a fever, earache or there is pain upon opening your mouth wide this toothache calls for emergency dental care. Most toothaches are caused by pain from untreated cavities that have caused tooth decay. Bacteria can enter the tooth and affect the roots creating infection and abscess. This pain can bring even the toughest individual to tears. Those suffering with tooth pain can seek emergency treatment from Miami dentist Dr. Ricardo Castaneda, D.M.D. Dr. Castaneda is available for Miami emergency dental treatment by calling (305)-598-6665.

Miami Emergency Treatment

Dr. Castaneda, D.M.D. is available as an emergency dentist Miami. He provides emergency appointments for those requiring immediate dental care after his posted office hours by calling (305)-598-6665. Tooth pain can be so excruciating that over the counter numbing agents and pain medication is ineffective. Dr. Castaneda can help ease this extreme pain by promptly treating tooth ache causes. He can treat a cavity by removing decay and filling the tooth with a same tooth color dental material or providing an antibiotic for an abscess prior to performing a root canal. For an emergency dental appointment don’t hesitate call (305)-598-6665.

Emergency Miami Dentist

Dr. Castaneda operates his Family and Cosmetic Dental office from Miami at 8200 SW 117th Ave. His office is located in Suite 106 on the first floor. He provides emergency dentist services for Miami and surrounding Miami- Dade county residents including Kendall, Pinecrest, Coconut Grove, Coral Gables and more. Dr. Castaneda can resolve your toothache pain and restore your dental health. Visit www.drrcdental.com to schedule an appointment online today.

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