Weekend Dentist Resolves Severe Tooth Decay

Severe Tooth Decay Before
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This patient has been putting off going to the dentist for many years.  His lower left first molar would hurt every once in a while, however it would resolve itself and life goes on.  One day the pain was severe enough to have him visit the weekend dentist Dr. Ricardo Castaneda,  he performed a diagnostic exam and determined that the tooth had severe decay and that the tooth would more than likely require a root canal, a post-core, and a crown.

However, because the apical (lower) portion of the root did not demonstrate any pathology there was a very slight chance that the tooth could be restored back to its original shape and function without the need of  root canal treatment, if an abscess would have been present on the apex of the root, a root canal would have been absolutely required.

Therefore, Dr. Ricardo Castaneda, decided to proceed with great care and patience to slowly remove the decayed portion of the tooth.  Although the decay extended deep into the tooth, Dr. Castaneda’s diligence paid off.  The tooth could be restored without the need of a root canal.  His patient smiled once again when he informed him of the outcome.

After removing all of the infected tooth structure, Dr. Castaneda placed a special medicated paste to protect  the nerve and promote the formation of new tooth structure.  A component was placed, which helps significantly reduces sensitivity to hot/cold; a much added benefit.

The tooth is now ready to be restored as would any other cavity.  A root canal was avoided and what should have been a drawn out, costly procedure was resolved within an hour at a minimal cost, thanks to Dr. Ricardo Castaneda’s patience and devotion to treating  all his patients as he would his own family.

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