Weekend Dentist Miami

Cold and flu season, family vacations, and doctor appointments can cause kids to miss out in class due to missing school. Stop fretting over missed school days with weekday appointments. Instead, schedule a weekend dentist appointment with Miami dentist, Dr. Ricardo Castaneda, D.M.D. He provides his patients with weekday, weekend, and emergency after hour dental appointments. He understands the importance of a child’s eduction. If a weekend dental appointment can help prevent a child from missing a school day, he is all for it. Visit www.drrcdental.com.

Dr. Castaneda: Weekend Cavity Warrior

Kids love their sweets, but too many sweet treats can lead to tooth decay. Dr. Castaneda explains that sugar in foods and beverages feed the naturally occurring bacteria that live in the mouth. This causes bacteria to rapidly multiply. The bacteria then secrete an acid that dissolves tooth enamel. People who drink 3 or more sugary beverages a day have 62% more tooth decay than those who don’t. Limiting sugary foods, performing daily oral hygiene (brushing and flossing), and visiting the dentist every six months can help decrease the likelihood of getting cavities. If a patient is diagnosed with caries (tooth decay, cavities) Dr. Castaneda can promptly treat the teeth and stop further damage. Visit www.drrcdental.com.

Scheduling Weekend Dentist Appointments

Scheduling a Miami dentist weekend appointment is as easy as visiting www.drrcdental.com or calling 1-(305)-598-6665. New patients will be required to complete new patient forms which can be completed here. Dr. Castaneda and his friendly staff welcome you, and look forward to serving you with the best dental experience possible .

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