TMJ Treatment Dentist in Miami / Kendall

People who suffer from trouble with TMJ can experience painful headaches, earaches, soreness in the jaw or jaw muscles, and a clicking of the jaw joint. TMJ stands for temporal-mandibular joint. This is the joint where the head and jaw meet. Problems in this joint can be caused by several factors including misaligned teeth, injury, or excess tension of the facial muscles. Dr. Castaneda is a dentist in the Miami area who provides TMJ treatments. He can assess the cause of the pain or discomfort and suggest the appropriate measures for resolution. Solutions may include replacing lost teeth, bite adjustment, gap closure, or other procedures to correct the TMJ malfunction cause.

Custom Mouth Guards for TMJ

Dr. Castaneda also creates custom mouth guards or mouth pieces that can be worn at night to prevent clenching or grinding that is often experienced with TMJ. The mouth guard is tailor fitted to the individual for comfort and protection. The guard will help to prevent bruxation (teeth grinding) and save the teeth from unnecessary ware. Dr. Castaneda is very thorough in his effort to provide each patient with the best solution to resolve the pain and discomfort for optimal dental health.

Miami Dentist

Dr. Castaneda’s office location enables him to serve patients from Miami, Miami Lakes, Kendall, Coral Gables, and other surrounding cities with ease. His Miami office is in Kendall. It takes under 15 minutes to drive from most surrounding areas to his dental facility located at 8200 SW 117th Avenue in Suite 106, located on the first floor in Miami, Florida. A map and driving directions is accessible on his website. Site guests can also schedule their appointments online or over the phone by calling (305) 598-6665.

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