Miami Dentist Custom Mouth Guards

When you schedule your child or teen’s school sports physical also schedule their dental appointment with Miami dentist Ricardo Castaneda, D.M.D. Dr. Castaneda creates custom mouth guards that will provide your child with the superior fit, comfort, and protection they need when playing sports. Sports such as soccer, basketball, football, wrestling, and other contact sports require your child to use a mouth guard for injury protection. It is easy for a young athlete to become injured during these activities. To prevent chipped, fractured, or knocked out teeth a mouth guard should be warn during sports practice and games.

Miami Dentist Visit

Taking an imprint of the patient’s teeth creates the Miami dentist custom mouth guard. The imprint will then be used to create a custom mouth guard in Dr. Castaneda’s professional dental laboratory. The mouth guard will be tailored to fit the individual’s teeth enabling them to breath and speak properly while being protected from oral injury. Mouth guards can also protect youth during bike riding, skate boarding, four-wheeling, and other mobile activities.

After Hour Dentist

In the event that a person does receive and injury to the teeth, gums, etc. Dr. Castaneda provides after hour appointments for those in need of an urgent care Miami dentist. By using advanced dental techniques, Dr. Castaneda can work to save a knocked out tooth or correct a broken tooth quickly. Dr. Castaneda is so skilled at dental repairs that the injury will be undetectable upon completion. Patients in need of emergency dentist services can call Dr. Castaneda by dialing (305) 598-6665. Emergency dental services can be requested by leaving a contact number after calling his beeper at (305) 580-2928.

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