Healthy Teeth, Better You in Miami

Many people easily take their oral health for granted. Most brush their teeth daily and go about life without care. However, people should know that your oral health and bodily health are connected. Studies since the late eighties and early nineties discovered that the bacteria found in the mouth (there are 300 species of bacteria in dental plaque) induce clotting. If an oral bacterial infection enters the bloodstream, it can cause blood clots, which can lead to stroke and heart attack. Caring for your teeth and gums with good oral hygiene and regular dental check ups can help prevent infection and disease.

How Poor Dental Care Effects You

When a person neglects their teeth and gums, they can negatively effect and influence their life in numerous ways. Once you have a dental infection (cavities, gum disease, etc.) you begin to experience bad breath, mouth/tooth/jaw pain, tooth loss, further disease, and illness. The pain you feel can make you grumpy, angry, or irritable, which can cause you to experience negative social interactions and harm relationships. The physical appearance of infected teeth and bad breath can cause you to shy away from social events and prompt you to withdraw from close contact with others. By caring for your teeth and gums, you have healthy teeth. This equals healthy teeth and a better you.

Dental Care and Oral Health

In order to maintain a healthy mouth, teeth, and gums you should brush your teeth with fluoride toothpaste twice a day (minimum). You should floss or use an interdental device at least once a day. This cleans in between the teeth where cavities can form. You should have a dental examination at least twice a year. Your dentist can check for oral cancer, cavities, and gum disease to ensure that you receive early diagnosis and treatment when needed. Your Miami dentist can also help educate you about proper hygiene and other preventive measures that can keep your teeth and gums in top condition. Dr. Ricardo Castaneda, D.M.D. is an Emergency Miami dentist that can help you care for your oral health and help you enjoy healthy teeth and a better you. To schedule dental appointments call (305) 598-6665. Patients with dental emergencies, dial (305) 580-2928. This is the number to Dr. Castaneda’s beeper.

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